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This is just a Trial Pack so you can taste some of the flavors before purchasing a full package. Please keep in mind you will not experience all the full benefits in 3-5 days. The Full Keto Challenge is still your best bet! You drink 1 ketone per day, preferably on an empty stomach. Start your first day with 1/2 a packet in the am and 1/2 in the pm. Simply mix with water, add ice and enjoy! I love adding a bit of sparkling water to mine! STEP 1: Order your Trial Pack below by clicking the button. Make sure to add your shipping address! STEP 2: You'll receive an email from me inviting you to join the Group if you aren't already a member. Learn how to follow the Keto diet and get support while you wait for your kit! STEP 3: Take start weight and measurements. STEP 4: Drink 1 a day & follow a low carb / high fat diet (directions and support provided). STEP 5: Order a full package once you know which flavor you want. Or, go with the 10 Day Challenge and try even more flavors! – Experience Fat Loss, Muscle Preservation, Energy, Metal Clarity, Clear Skin, Better Sleep, Appetite Control and RESULTS. If you LOVE your experience and want to keep your results going you can SAVE 22% a month with the full package! Make sure to chat with me first!

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Right now, when you add $150 to your cart, you'll save 22% automatically! Best deal! I recommend a box of Ketones, Keto Kreme and/or MitoPlex electrolytes.